About us



 Lets Start at the Beginning,

I remember the time my Grandma was sick, She told me I will be doing great things for God, My mind was like at that time in my early teens' I was like yea sure! one ear out through the other.

And I was also stubborn, like why my grandma after all grand kids she pointed me out on this? And I ask? She told me God only points certain people to certain people when, He wants to give you a sign or a warning!  As for me I was still stubborn after being Molested at the age of 7, shot at in my teens years, and got hit my a car on my 17th birthday on may 27th memorial weekend by a drunk driver, I felt lost and couldn't trust anyone but my own ego. I ran away from my problems, my family, living at one girlfriend house to another, I lived in the Club on weekends.

I was looking for an out! I needed fast cash just so I can have money to go party! High School dropout, What can I do? I always had a drawing skill set, so I started drawing designs on t-shirts and wanted to slang them out the trunk of my car, and flea markets, one day I worn a t-shirt I had made by hand to the basketball court where I play on Sunday and a guy that, I played basketball with for years said hey Cortez I Like that shirts never heard of it who made it? I replied me, and he said I also make shirts in my garage in bulk, I have a Screen print machine, Me oh yea? how cheap can you make them? he said wholesale cheap, So I started having a storm friend ship with him and a business deal with him,

We would print all week just to sell them at the Flea markets on the weekends , I made $600 bucks just in 2 days, right then I knew I was on to something! Making worldly shirts with funny and bad slangs on them in 2001 I was making the money just to go party, But God! God came to me in a dream me? why me? I didn't have dreams I had nightmares from being shot at in Clubs at that time.

God said Cortez I sent you a message through your Grandma my faithful servant through Christ. The message was (CHANGE), I ask God how I want to Change, But how? He said repent. So I gave my Life to Christ and repented, Years past I stop doing bad T-shirts and began doing God's work, And one day I ask the LORD can I do shirts again? and He said through ME yes I will guide you and you will change the world by walking in love and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. I said how? when I have no machine to print shirts, no logo no vision?

He said keep me first and materials will come your vision will be clear. More years past, Happily married family and One day I was at Church, and The pastor Look at me after all the many other members and said JESUS+NOTHING=EVERYTHING! MATTHEW 6:33 But seek First his Kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

After Church as a  Deacon you have close relationship for your pastor, So I ask pastor why you look at me? saying JESUS+NOTHING=EVERYTHING! And he said I don't remember saying that to you, I said you don't? He replied and said Cortez when the Spirit in you it uses you! and I let the Holy Spirit use me, So therefore It was  good reason that I look at you saying that.

Then I prayed and said God thank you for the confirmation and God place it in my heart, and said this is the JUST THE BEGINNING ! You will have many Christian brands! and many souls will be touch and saved cause I will use you up!!!.

Now Jesus + Nothing = Everything was born!

Servant's Cortez and Charity Raines